KEEPING: Leather products are sensitive to humidity, extreme temperature variations, direct sunlight, dust, etc. therefore use the provided box, a pouch or simply a drawer to keep the product safe when you are not wearing it. Do not fold the product or place heavy stuff on because it may lead to shrinkage, cutting or other damages.

CLEANING AND CARING: This must be done regularly, with a damp and dry cloth. Nubuck or suede products can be cleaned with a soft brush. You may use specially manufactured products for leather cleaning or caring, but first test them on a small, less visible surface to make sure it is compatible with your leather product. Beware that the seams may change colour depending on the cleaning products that you use.

UTILISATION: Leather products must always be treated with care, therefore do not expose them to increased humidity, rain, snow, dust, direct sunlight, etc. that may cause damage.

Keep away from children.