Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref: M79230n-0008

The watch I am wearing lately is a Tudor Black Bay. An outstanding watch from a well know brand which captured my attention. This is the brand that for many years was in the shade of its bigger sister, the Rolex company.

Tudor Black Bay with 7Friends&Watches strap

For a couple of years now, Tudor has built a character of its own. I love this because I do not like things to be second best and this was my perception in the later years about Tudor. Something like, if you cannot afford a Rolex then buy a Tudor. Somehow linked to Rolex design, the latest Tudor watches have different aesthetics and personality.

Tudor logo macro photo

Among the different sizes and colors that are available for Tudor Black Bay on the market, the color I’ve chosen is black. It has a black dial, accentuated by the warm tone luminova with gold contour. I like the 60 clicks unidirectional rotating bezel with anodized aluminum insert and the perfectly finished stainless steel case.

Upper half front photo of Tudor Black Bay

The moment I had it on my hand I realized that it is such a tool! It’s like the feeling I have when I read Karl May’s books about the Wild West, when men put a name to their belongings and address them with prefix “old”. This is the exact feeling I have about this watch. A symbiotic one which I nicknamed my “good old Tudor”. A watch with an accentuated simplicity and, above all, a “partner” on my wrist. This is a watch to take with you in any adventure you go or plan to because it is inspiring with every edge of the case.


It is the watch that I like to take with me in my fishing and overland adventures, as I see it outdoors only. I can’t imagine myself wearing this Tudor on a business meeting or at the office.

Crown detail of Tudor Black Bay

The beautiful case covers an in-house movement, caliber MT5402 with remarkably interesting features. It has 70 hours of power reserve, bidirectional winding system, free sprung balance, silicon hairspring, 25 jewels and a frequency of 28800 bph. Developed by Manufacture Tudor Caliber MT5402, it looks like an indestructible movement, but only time will tell.

Front view of Tudor Black Bay

The crown has the Tudor rose engraved, therefore adding a nice touch. It also looks superb on certain angles. The watch came with an “aged” leather strap. Although a good quality one, as always I’ve chosen an old 7F&W strap. The one you see in the pictures is a strap I’ve been wearing for a year on different watches and I like it as it has my personal patina.

Tudor watch strapped around a holster

I recommend this watch to all adventurous men as it feels like an indestructible watch. It has a 200 m water resistance, good lume and a nice heritage.

P.S: I would like to test a Rolex Submariner no date, but until now the “Gods of Rolex” didn’t allow me to buy one. I’ll try to be patient (good things come to those who wait!). In Romania the retailer for this beauty is Chronolink and people there are very nice and helpful.


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7Friends&Watches full grain leather strap detail

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