7 FRIENDS & WATCHES is the brand that represents our work. We work with passion and care, so that our products satisfy the most demanding tastes and attract the eyes and praises of the admirers.

Watch enthusiasts find on the platform 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES handmade accessories, full of uniqueness and character.

7 FRIENDS & WATCHES is a Romanian brand, carefully grown and we are proud of our products.

7 FRIENDS & WATCHES is the trade name – Brand – under which it carries out its activity 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES SRL with headquarters in Constanta, str. Soveja no. 19A, having VAT ID RO42284536, being registered at the Companies Registrar under no. J13 / 481/2020.


  • E-mail: contact@7friendsandwatches.com
  • Phone: 0040757093883 


  • Client – the person who places an order on the site or who has benefited at least once from our products or services.
  • Order – all the products selected from the range of products, which you add to the cart for delivery, a process that ends with their payment.
  • Contract agreement of will concluded between two parties and manifested or not in writing (materialized in a contract) – the order represents contact.
  • Fault – Mistake / guilt that consists in the non-compliant / defective fulfillment of an obligation of one of the parties or in its non-fulfillment.
  • Confirmation data – details necessary to receive the order confirmation: correct e-mail and telephone number.
  • Invoicing data –data necessary to fulfill the legal invoicing obligation: name, surname and postal address.
  • Delivery data – the complete and correct postal address to which the delivery will be made.
  • Supplier third party in the relationship with customers, which supports the activity of 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES by providing products or services.
  • Product image – product image / photo uploaded on the platform as a presentation for the displayed products, without giving rise to contractual obligations.
  • Delivery service offered by courier / transport service providers, which consists in transporting and delivering the ordered products to the client’s home or headquarters.
  • Payment – the amount of money that will be paid to the provider of services or products on the 7friendsandwatches.com platform representing the value of the products and / or services.
  • Platform – website, property 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES to which have been added all the functionalities necessary to fulfill its economic activity.
  • 7friendsandwatches.com – the platform on which you can find 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES products.
  • Product – watch straps, leather watch cases, watch accessories, belt straps, wallets, bags, and other similar products sold on the site.
  • Non-compliant product – product that does not comply with the quality standards established by special laws.
  • Service – consists of a service that can be done for a fee or free of charge, depending on our policy or current offers.
  • Complaint – petition addressed to 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES in order to signal a negative situation in our relationship.
  • Return of amounts – refund of amounts for which payment was not due or when the cancellation of an order has been validated and confirmed.
  • Delivery time or period the estimated time from the time of placing the order to the time of actual delivery.
  • Order cancellation validation – our acceptance that an order can be canceled and for which the amounts already paid will be returned to the payer. 


We are honest with our partners; therefore, everything you will find in this section represents the contract between us.

The contract represents the law of the parties and is concluded by the simple agreement of the parties. Your will to conclude the contract with us is manifested by launching the order to us. Before delivering the order, you will agree to this contract, respectively the Terms and Conditions of use of the platform and the contract, expressing your will / agreement online, by checking the appropriate boxes, which take the place of signature / consent.

You will find in the following the object of the contract, the contract price and the method of payment, the rights and obligations of both parties, the way of ordering, details about delivery but also about solving your requests.

We are happy to be partners and we encourage you to read the contract carefully. 


          7 FRIENDS & WATCHES processes personal data in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 679/2016 (EU) and only for the purposes and grounds for which they were collected and declared.

With responsibility for your data, we have implemented in the company adequate technical and organizational measures, increasing the security of data processing, and only your authorized persons have access to your data. We do not communicate your personal data to third parties, except for those you have been informed about.

We need your data mainly in order to deliver the order and issue the invoice and in some cases to offer you the latest promotions, offers and to inform you about our new products. All this in compliance with the GDPR and after prior information. To read all the information on the personal data processed and the conditions of processing, we recommend you to read the GDPR Policy.



          The platform and the entire content belong to 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES.

In order to use it, you must agree to the present terms and conditions in full.

The platform is dedicated to informing, consulting and placing orders for the desired products.

By using the platform you understand that you must refrain from any act that could lead either to disrupt our activity or to harm the brand image.

Downloading elements from the site, copying texts, images, is a violation of intellectual property rights and is contrary to law and this regulation and if we are notified such activities from users, we reserve the right to file complaints, notifications and address us to the court.

We also reserve the right not to deliver the order if it is found that it was placed for the purpose of harassing or sabotaging our activity or as a result of the intervention of some bots in placing orders or other similar situations for which the human presence is not observed in the current activity.

7 FRIENDS & WATCHES is a registered trademark and its use in any form will be made only with the prior authorization of the trademark owner.

A SIMPLE ORDERING PROCESS, SO YOU CAN ENJOY OUR PRODUCTS    In order to order quickly and to make the process as simple as possible, we have prepared a series of information, meant to guide you when needed:

Placing the order

          The order can be placed on the 7friendsandwatches.com platform.

Placing the order on the platform

  • Add products to the shopping cart

          To place an order, it is necessary to add the products to the shopping cart. Be sure to check later that the products you want are in the basket and where appropriate, the correct size is selected.

Although we make sustained efforts to update the platform in real time, there is a possibility that a product / model may not be available for order at some point.         If you have ordered a product / model removed from production or which is no longer in stock, we will contact you and either cancel the order and return your money, or if you wish, we will replace the product with another that we have in stock.

For the conditions for canceling the order, please go through them in the section dedicated to canceling the order.

When placing the order, it is necessary to take into account that the photos displayed on the site are posted as a presentation and do not give rise to contractual obligations on us.

There may also be differences in the color of the product / its shade, as there are differences in color perception depending on the settings of the monitors that render the image. Product photography does not create contractual obligations for us.

  • Check the products in the shopping cart

Please check the correctness of the order before making the payment.

So check if the product is the desired size, the desired brand, if you set the desired color if you have this option for certain products or if it corresponds to the characteristics you want.

It is necessary to verify the correctness of the data provided, respectively of the sizes / dimensions, color, material and all the other defining elements requested in the platform and / or by telephone in order to achieve the desired product.

If you have placed an erroneous order, it is necessary to notify us within 2 hours of placing it.

If the ordered product has been delivered to you, the order cannot be canceled. But you can withdraw from the contract within 14 days, for online orders. Check the order cancellation policy and return policy to find out more about the order cancellation conditions.

  • Fill in the order confirmation, invoicing and delivery data

After you have added all the desired products in your shopping cart, to place the order, it is necessary to complete the invoicing and delivery data.

It is necessary to check all the information, especially the order confirmation data (e-mail and telephone), the delivery address (the postal address where you want the order to be delivered), so that the delivery is made in good conditions.

  • Select the payment method

Payment can be made easily, directly on the platform through PayPal or through the iPay payment processor with the card.

In order to make the payment with the card, it is necessary to know that you must have an active bank card and you will have to enter your card details, required by the platform. There are no additional fees or charges for paying by card.

7 FRIENDS & WATCHES does not collect data about your card, and payment is made securely by the payment processor iPay. For details, check the terms and conditions on Transilvania Bank’s website.

To pay via PayPal, all you need is a PayPal account. For details on PayPal terms and conditions, access the PayPal website.

  • Agreee the Terms and Conditions and the GDPR Policy

You cannot complete the order without having completed these last steps, the approval of the terms and conditions and the agreement for the processing of personal data (GDPR Policy).

We recommend that you read carefully both the Terms and Conditions and the GDPR information in order to express your agreement after you understand what they consist of.

  • Send the order

When it is certain that the data is complete and correct, by clicking on “Send order”, it reaches us and we are already preparing for delivery, if the product is in stock.

Soon the desired product will reach you.


Your order will be confirmed by e-mail. The confirmation message is automatically generated by the system, and this does not guarantee that the product is still in stock. The orders are processed in the chronological order of their registration in the system.

Always check the order confirmation. It is possible to have errors in the transmission of the order, not attributable to us or about which we do not know. You can contact us by phone if you notice such malfunctions and you can also check the receipt of the order.

Also check the summary of the order you find in the confirmation e-mail. If you find that errors have occurred in the order, contact us to correct the data.

It will be delivered according to the delivery terms displayed on the 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES platform.


If you liked our products and want to order in the future, you can make an account. The big advantage is that you will place the order without any effort. Your data will be filled in automatically by the platform.

You can create your account in a simple way by using an e-mail address and a password. Be sure to set a strong password. A strong password is one that contains at least 8 characters and uses lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and special characters.

You can delete your account by sending us an email at: contact @7friendsandwatches.com 


The prices are displayed on the site correctly and transparently. We do not have hidden taxes and we do not practice unjustified additions.

You will see the value of the order in the platform after adding the products in the cart.

To each order will be added the value of the transport, a value that you will find highlighted separately in the payment summary.

There may be situations where 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES provide free shipping, but these will be clearly specified on the platform, during campaign periods or for order values ​​that exceed a certain threshold, according to the 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES policy.

You must know that for online card payment, it is necessary to have a valid card and for PayPal payment it is necessary to have a PayPal account.

To make the card payment operation possible, we work with iPay.

iPay is a payment processor with which payment is made securely.

If you choose to pay by card, you will need to enter your card details required by the platform. 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES does not collect data about your card, and payment is made securely by the payment processor iPay. For details, check the iPay terms and conditions on Transilvania Bank’s website.

          After entering the data, by checking the box “I accept the terms and conditions” you will express your agreement on the ordered products, total payment amount, payment method, your agreement meaning the express mandate / authorization iPay or PayPal to perform the payment operation by debiting the account card or PayPal, whose data you provided, with the amount of the order.

Neither we nor the payment processors have access to the security features of the card or to the transaction authorization data, data known only to the bank where you opened the account.

We do not assume responsibility for any security incidents that occur in the payment processing or later.


          We deliver the products with the support of our partners, who provide courier services, usually TNT / FedEx Express but we do not limit ourselves to them.

The order leaves us, at the latest on the first working day after the one in which you placed the order.

It is possible that in certain situations, the delivery is delayed, fact independent of our will, in situations such as, but not limited to, delays due to the holidays, Black Friday, the wandering of the package in the couriers’ warehouses, etc. We assure you that we do our best to get the order to you in a timely manner, but we do not assume responsibility for delaying the delivery period due to the couriers’ fault.


Orders are delivered in the order in which the orders are placed.

Deadlines can be shifted in the context of a large volume of orders or for personalized orders. We will let you know every time about this.


An already placed order cannot be canceled unless it takes place in the first 2 hours after launch and ONLY if during this period the order has not already been delivered to you.

Canceling an order can also be done when a product on the site can no longer be sold and you do not want to replace the order with another product available.

The cancellation of an order can be done by a request to contact@7friendsandwatches.com with the subject “cancel the order” specifying the order number.

Attention! The cancellation must first be validated by the 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES team in order for it to be processed.

Attention, all situations will be analyzed individually depending on the factors involved at that time, we being the only ones able to decide whether or not to validate the cancellation of an order, without being forced to do so and without taking responsibility for any losses suffered as a result of the invalidation of the order cancellation.

In no other situation is it possible to cancel the order.

Always, regardless of the situations described, in order for an order to be considered canceled, it is necessary to send you a validation of the order cancellation.


Any return request should be made to the e-mail address: contact@7friendsandwatches.com.

Our team will validate or not the return, depending on the conditions and the situation described.

The return is possible only after you receive the validation of the return from us.

Take into account the shipping costs in order to return the product.

7 FRIENDS & WATCHES covers shipping costs only in the event of the product being sent to you incorrectly or the non-compliant product as described below.      But there are also (exclusive) situations in which you can return the product already received.

  • When you can return a product:
  • within 14 days from the order date for the products ordered online (right of withdrawal from the contract);
  • when the product is non-compliant: it has stains, is unstitched, is degraded or damaged;
  • when you received a product other than the one you ordered or it does not have the size, color selected by you and the product with all the required characteristics is not in stock / is not available;
  • when it has other manufacturing defects or damages that come under warranty, the product has a warranty period, which is 3 months from the time of delivery.
  • How to return a product:
  • it is necessary for the return to be made within a maximum of 14 days from the date of sending the order for any reason, and for manufacturing defects or damages that come under warranty, within 3 months from the date of receipt of the product;
  • the return will be announced through the contact form on the platform and validated by e-mail by 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES. Do not send us a return not previously validated by us;
  • the returned product, except for the products for which the guarantee is invoked, must not be dirty, modified, degraded, damaged or destroyed, there must be no signs of wear, washing of the product and the labels or inscriptions as appropriate.
  • the products under warranty are returned only if the reason for the return is among those guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • When a product CANNOT be returned:
  • you are not satisfied with the order made, but it complies with the specifications on the platform (with what you ordered), the product has no manufacturing defects and the period of 14 days from placing the order has expired;
  • the product with the right size / color / model can be delivered (replaced with another);
  • the returned product is in whole or in part dirty, modified, degraded, damaged or destroyed;
  • the product shows traces of wear, washing;
  • labels or inscriptions are not intact;
  • when the term of 14 days of return has been exceeded;
  • when the warranty period has been exceeded and the reason for the return is one of the situations covered by the warranty.



For the situation in which you received the confirmation of the validation of the cancellation or return of the order, the refund of the amounts paid is made within 48 hours from the date of receiving the return of the order.

The amount will be refunded to the account from which you made the payment.

If the term expires on a non-working day, the term is extended for the next working day.


We guarantee you the purchased products. It is necessary to keep in mind a few simple rules in order for things to work properly. The guarantee is granted for a period of 3 months for deficiencies not attributable to the consumer, provided that the recommendations for use and maintenance are observed.

n order for the guarantee to be granted, it is necessary to keep the fiscal invoice / purchase receipt.

Any request for warranty / claim / notification will be communicated to the email address contact@7friendsandwatches.com

The commercial guarantee does not cover the lack of conformity of the product, not imputable to the consumer, existing at the moment when the products were delivered, for which the legal guarantee is granted in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 449/2003 regarding the sale of the products and the guarantees associated with them and with those of the Government Ordinance no. 21/1992 on consumer protection. The rights conferred by law on the consumer are not affected by the additional commercial guarantee offered by this Guarantee Certificate. In order to grant the guarantee, please consult and observe the cleaning and maintenance instructions specific to each product.

When the guarantee is granted

The warranty of the products can be granted exclusively under the conditions set out below. A product under warranty can only be returned if:

– the paint comes off the edge of the belt/strap;

– the seam comes off;

– the product breaks;

– other defects in materials or workmanship that occur during normal use.

When the guarantee is not granted


There are also situations that are not covered by the warranty. We recommend that you read them carefully before requesting a guarantee.

The warranty becomes inapplicable and 7 FRIENDS & WATCHES cannot be held responsible for any non-conformities that may occur due to:

  • the cleaning / maintenance process that does not follow the specific instructions for each product, indicated according to the above;
  • storage or use of products in humid conditions;
  • discoloration due to exposure to the sun or other strong heat sources;
  • damage;
  • repairs or modifications made by unauthorized persons;
  • normal wear of the product;
  • use in improper, incorrect conditions by the consumer other than those for which the product was manufactured;
  • damage caused by contact with water, snow, solvents, fuels, sand, tar, or other corrosive materials is not covered by the warranty;
  • damage to products, such as, for example: scratches, stains, tears that were not brought to our attention at the time of receipt of the product by the consumer;
  • any other unauthorized intervention on the product, non-compliance with the maintenance and cleaning instructions, as well as its use in other conditions than those for which it was designed;
  • differences or irregularities due to the manufacturing process of some products.




Leather products are sensitive to moisture, extreme temperatures, sun, dust, etc., so please keep the product in the package in which it was delivered, or simply in a drawer or closet when you are not wearing it. Do not bend or place heavy products over the leather product to avoid possible possible damage.

The maintenance of leather products must be done regularly, using a soft and dry cloth. Nabucco or suede products can be cleaned and revitalized using a soft brush. You can use products specially designed for the care or cleaning of leather products, but please test them in advance on a small, less visible surface to make sure it is compatible with our product. Beware of stitches, as they may change color depending on the care or cleaning product you use.

Leather products must always be treated with care and attention, so do not expose the product to high humidity, rain, snow, dust, direct sun, etc.




In accordance with Law 21/1992 on consumer protection, consumers have the following rights:

  • to be protected against the risk of purchasing a product or providing a service that could harm their life, health or safety or affect their legitimate rights and interests;
  • to be fully, correctly and precisely informed on the essential characteristics of the products and services, so that the decision they adopt in connection with them corresponds as well as possible to their needs, as well as to be educated in their capacity as consumers;
  • to have access to markets that provide them with a wide range of quality products and services;
  • to be compensated for the damages generated by the inadequate quality of the products and services, using for this purpose the means provided by law;
  • to organize in consumer associations, in order to defend their interests.



Allergies can develop at any time during life, spontaneously, even if until then a person was not allergic to that product.

However, if you are aware of allergies that have already manifested, we recommend that you be careful. LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO ANY PRODUCT / SUBSTANCE, IN THE “ORDER NOTES” SECTION or CONTACT US BY PHONE.

Always read the specifications of the products displayed on the site and / or contact us by phone to make sure everything is fine. Hypoallergenic products will be marked accordingly on the site.

7 FRIENDS & WATCHES does not assume responsibility for any allergies triggered by the reaction to some of the products / substances found in the composition of the finished product.



We guarantee quality products, carefully crafted and carefully prepared. But we admit that sometimes mistakes can occur. We take responsibility where the fault lies with us and we are open to finding solutions together. When something goes wrong, please let us know.




7 FRIENDS & WATCHES takes permanent steps to limit any malfunctions of the platform or the sales process.

We try to maintain security on the platform at an adequate and constantly monitored and updated level; you can find details in the GDPR Policy.

But there are things that we either can’t control, or there may be a delay from appearance to fix, so we don’t take responsibility for:


  • Anything related to a cyber attack on servers and / or virus infection, as well as the consequences that could result from these attacks;
  • Errors or omissions in the functionality of the platform or in the display of products;
  • Product photo. It may look slightly different from the product in the delivery package and is displayed for presentation purposes only;
  • Allergies and intolerances that may occur. If you know that you are allergic to some substances, please inform yourself before using any product and read where appropriate, the descriptions carefully. Let us know about your allergies;
  • Assignment of the contract. We can at any time transfer parts of the business, outsource some services or contract with new suppliers.;
  • Products delivered on our behalf by a third party who is not our representative. We are not responsible for counterfeit products and / or that mislead the buyer through associations of similar names;
  • Information that could be provided to you by an unauthorized person in this regard;
  • The abusive use of the platform that would lead to the creation of prejudices to its clients and / or users;
  • Periods of platform malfunction due to server problems and the like;
  • Lack of: response / confirmation / delivery / delays, omissions, errors due to platform malfunctions due to viruses or other programs to sabotage computer systems or similar;
  • Delays in delivery due to the occurrence of unforeseen situations independent of our will and ability to take action;
  • Delays in delivery or inability to deliver due to situations related to the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • Temporary suspension of activity during the quarantine of a region, isolation of staff, legal provisions intended to restrict the exercise of certain rights or any other legal decisions that would have an impact on our activity;
  • Non-honored orders due to the suspension of the platform’s activity;
  • Orders not honored or delayed due to errors, omissions, errors in the delivery data communicated by the customer;




We like to keep in touch with you and count on this communication. I grew up because I was receptive and I always learned. Your suggestions help us and you can share them with us at any time. We will think about them and apply them where possible.

You can share them with us at contact@7friendandwatches.com.


In case something didn’t work well, let us know. We assure you that we are trying to fix all the problems. Send us your message through the contact form on the platform and you will be contacted by our representative in customer relations.       Please note that you must provide us with the correct contact details in order to be able to contact you as soon as possible.

We will definitely find solutions together.

Thank you for your respect in reading the terms and conditions of this partnership!