Seiko Marinemaster 1000m, aka Darth Tuna Ref. SBBN011

I will start today’s review of Seiko Marinemaster 1000m, aka Darth Tuna Ref. SBBN011 with the following quote: “Every day is a new day. It is better to be lucky. But I would rather be exact. Then when luck comes you are ready.” – E. Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea. And this is because I’m wearing this true masterpiece for professional divers.

I must say to you that I love professional watches. Why? Because these watches are neither fashionable, nor made of precious metals and tend to be chunky or bulky. The only reason that justifies their existence is time keeping, resistance to natural factors, easiness of operation and legibility.

Over 40 years ago Seiko Time Corp came on the market with a new product. A big watch surrounded by a protective shroud, with the crown at 4 o’clock, equipped with unidirectional bezel and with a big water resistance certification. Other “anomalies” included the monocoque case design and under the case lugs. A very big watch but absolutely wearable even for those with small wrists. People loved the design of the watch and nicknamed it Tuna Can, for obvious reason. Since then, in Seiko’s product line there is the Tuna range of products. Even though it evolved with many variations in terms of colours, hand design and others.

The most successful of them, in my opinion, is the all black one. This all black tuna received the nickname Darth Tuna because somehow your thoughts go to Darth Vader’s costume. Even from the first Marinemaster, Seiko used for this series all the new available technologies and materials. Like for its predecessors, the Seiko Darth Tuna also uses new technologies. The case is made of black DLC (diamond like coating) titanium and stainless steel. A black ceramic shroud surrounds it entirely. It has a sapphire crystal with a brownish antireflective treatment. The lume on the hands and markers is Seiko’s Lumibrite compound and it is absolutely outstanding. There are some jokes on watch enthusiasts forums that Rolex would do anything to find out the formula of Lumibrite.

The watch is 1000 m water resistant, which is very much even for a professional diver. But it is not all about the maximum depth, it is more about water resistance in time. A watch now rated 1000 m will be water resistant even after many years, even if you don’t service it. I like the fact that Seiko didn’t put a Helium escape valve on it. They designed the monocoque case and L-shaped gaskets to ensure that no helium will enter inside. Therefore, no valve is needed.

The quartz movement that powers this model is not an ordinary one. 40 years have passed since its development and many of them are still being in use. Therefore, it passed the test of time. The calibre 7C46 is all metal, serviceable, high torque tolerances. It has 7 jewels in geartrain and it is equipped with low powered circuits. This movement perfectly fits this watch, being durable and trustworthy.

Overall, this line of products from Seiko provides the perfect mix of quality tool-watch, amazing craftsmanship and an outstanding movement. It can face all the extreme conditions that divers encounter all around the world.


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