Seiko 62MAS – Ref: 6217-800X

In a previous article of mine I was mentioning that for any respectable vintage Seiko diver nut, the letters “62MAS” represent the quintessential piece in Seiko divers’ history. My mission in collecting vintage Seiko divers could not have been completed until I would have added in my collection a 6217-800X. Now I can say that I accomplished my mission. I’m not sure who and when assigned it to me but I am convinced it is a very important one.

I have reached a goal that I didn’t even knew I had to begin with … and I am happy. If I would have gotten this 62MAS at the beginning of my Seiko divers watch collecting, things would not have been as satisfying as they are now. As getting this piece was like reaching a long desired destination following an enjoyable journey. I started this Seiko divers journey years ago with an SKX009, then a 7002, then some other vintage, modern and neo-vintage pieces (among which some 70m sports divers including a poor man’s 62MAS which I thought it would scratch my 62MAS itch not for long), then a 6309, a 6105 and finally … the watch I will write about in this article.

There are a myriad of very well documented resources online detailing the history of this watch with its various variants (Suwa – Daini, big – small crown, tropic – waffle rubber band, dolphin etched on the case-back etc). I think I’ve read them all a couple of times. When I got this watch, all this information came back to me. It was like I was seeing an old friend after a long time. We had (and still have) a lot to talk about :).

I have spent some time before deciding which one to get. I wanted to be sure of one thing: its original condition. No reluming, no touches to the dial, no case polishing, no aftermarket parts, etc. To me the true experience of a Seiko vintage diver is to have it in the original condition regardless of the marks, dents, lume degradation and bezel scratches. In all these years of enjoying vintage Seiko divers I came to appreciate the wabi-sabi. Each imperfection having its story to tell and contributing to the uniqueness of the watch. And I am not hesitant of adding more character by wearing these watches worry free. This enhances the wearing and ownership experience.

My 62MAS is from by birth month (March) 1967, making this watch even more special to me. Like my Turtle and Willard for that matter 🙂 but from different years. It is the oldest in my collection and the most iconic one. All the Seiko divers I owned over the years had design cues that relate to this 62MAS. Every time I wear this watch I have somehow the feeling I am wearing the essence of all Seiko divers. It proudly represents and embodies any watch I previously owned (although I no longer have it). It’s like I don’t need any other Seiko diver as long as I am wearing my 62MAS. Except, of course, for my Turtle and Willard.

The case is perfectly proportioned for my wrist and has strong masculine lines. The crown has the word SEIKO proudly present and along with the metallic logo on the dial, it creates a very pleasant look. Nowadays, this lacks even for the more expensive Seikos.

The flat stainless steel rectangular raised hour markers catch the light very nice from different angles and they are filled with lume. Which on most of the watches I’ve seen have developed some sort of patina. The best looking one is the one found on the 62MASes produced by Daini (mine is from Suwa) but those are very rare as they were produced for a short period of time. The lume on my 62MAS is … honest in some lights under certain angle look every time different which makes the appearance almost every time unique. 

I am usually wearing my 62MAS on an Uncle Seiko rubber band (waffle or chocolate bar), a leather strap or a vintage tropic rubber band. Regardless of the option I chose, the watch wears very comfortable on the wrist. It is light (72g on the vintage tropic) and the diameter (38mm), lug to lug (46.5mm), lugs width (19mm) and thickness (13mm) as I mentioned before, are very well proportioned.

Date disk have developed some patina almost different on each day. From a visual perspective this creates a unique appearance every time I change the day.

The water resistance is amazing (for 1967 that is) as 150m are achieved with a non-screw down crown. Although the seals on this watch were changed I have no intention to get it anywhere near the water. 

The bezel has no clicks (as rotates by friction) which is specific for Seikos of that era. Mine is ghosted with a lovely patina and the lume pip has developed a creamy brownish look.

In conclusion: this watch represents to me the end of the vintage Seiko collecting journey. Next to my 6309 Turtle and 6105 Willard, it embodies the holy trinity of the vintage Seiko divers which will always be part of my collection. Soon I will make a comparison of these three watches as to me they represent the core from which Seiko even today gets inspiration for its reissues.

Hope you enjoyed this one!

Stay safe!


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