Omega Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometre

The watch I want to present is Omega Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer. Impressive name for a watch, but a name well deserved.

Every kid in the world, at a moment, will say: “Are we there yet?”. It is not in our nature to be patient but we can learn to behave like we are. We like things to be bigger, more powerful and more comfortable. But I think that all the development of the human kind was to provide us with the ability to increase the speed, the speed of life, in order to do more in our limited time. We like to test our abilities in all kind of competitions, from Olympic Games to Formula One. All of these to constantly improve our native speed.

We all know the history behind the Speedmaster line from Omega and I will not tell it once more. The aspect that impressed me so much as a young kid was the name “Speedmaster”. In my childish mind it sounded like the God of Speed (there is no such divinity). I loved it even though I knew it is not true.

The design of the stainless steel case is very similar to Moonwatch. Slightly larger, at 44.25 mm, but a little bit thinner and it has a sapphire case-back. Its brushed and polished surfaces accentuate its form and it has a 50 meters water resistance. The bezel with Tachymeter scale is the new Liquidmetal and it looks gorgeous. The crystal is antireflective coated on both sides and it is shaped like the hesalite from the legendary Speedmaster. Aside from its “regular Speedmaster” look, the orange elements on its dial are the story changers. From the grandfather’s tool watch to a young man’s every day carry instrument.

The movement, on the other part, is the real masterpiece. Omega In-house calibre 9900 is a modern movement with many improvements. It has two barrels which provide 60 hours power reserve. This may not be much but you can say it’s quality power reserve as two barrels will put constant torque to the escapement, creating much better accuracy compared to a standard one barrel movement. It has silicon balance and is resistant to magnetic fields at 15000 Gauss. Of course it is Co-axial escapement and it is certified by METAS. Many consider this certification a marketing tool. But in real life, this particular watch gained 6 seconds in 14 days with a very stable day variation.

The Chronograph action is superb due to the column wheel and vertical clutch design. I also love the bicompax layout with chronograph minutes and hours counted on the same sub-dial located at 3 o’clock. I’m really curios how this movement will pass the test of time and see it in action in 50 years. At this moment, all the qualities of this Omega Speedmaster look so good.

The strap is very comfortable, with the usual Omega clasp. The material is not leather but some sort of artificial leather decorated with vent holes that are orange on the inside.

Overall, it is a very nice touch of modern technology given to a classic watch that was on the market in the last 50 years and proved its winning design.


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2 thoughts on “Omega Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometre

  1. Mihai C says:

    I do have one major complaint about this movement. It is spectacular, has plenty of technical innovations, keeps perfect time…however…barrel one, barrel two? column wheel? Why would you print such things on your nicely decorated movement?
    Next step would be to add a cyclops lens, because some marketing dude liked the idea. Oh…and write on the back “sapphire cyclops lens, no date version”

  2. Octavian Feodor says:

    I know about watches only what my manny years friend Alex (this is his website) keeps telling me at every meeting (once or month or less). Technically I heard dozens of reviews and also the history of creation for every single watch he showed me. Today’s is, for now, the second preferred watch for me. CU lads!

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