How do I choose the right strap for my watch?

Here are two methods that you can use in order to help you choose the correct lug/buckle width.

First method

Follow the two steps:

STEP 1 With the help of a ruler (cm ruler), measure the distance between the lugs of the watch. Please make sure to make the measurement in the correct way, between the lugs. Every millimeter matters.

In the pictures, my ruler is an used one, that my child uses at school :o). I just wanted a real life example.


For example, this Paul Picot has a 19 mm lug width:

Lug width measurement

A closer look at the same Paul Picot:

Lug width measurement


Another example – the Omega Speedmaster has a 20 mm lug width:

Lug width measurement


A closer look at the Omega Speedmaster:

Lug width measurement

STEP 2 On our website, the lug/buckle width appears written in the form: 20/18 mm. This means a 20 mm lug width and an 18 mm buckle width.

The buckle width is important when you have an original one that you want to wear with your new watch strap. Otherwise, all our watch straps come with a stainless steel, high quality buckle. You will find this detail in the description of each product.

To measure the buckle with, please make sure to make the measurement correctly, also between the lugs of the buckle.

For example, this buckle has 18 mm width:

Buckle width measurement

Second method

Search on the internet the lug width according to you watch’s model and reference number. This method can be a little more complicated if you do not know exactly the reference number. Each watch might differ not only by model, but also by reference number.


If you have any questions regarding the measurement of a watch strap, please send us an email at or contact us through our Contact page.

We would be glad to answer your questions if we know!