Breitling Aerospace Night Mission Ref. V79363

The watch I want to present today has been in my collection for a couple of months and now it’s time to share my experience with it – the Breitling Aerospace Night Mission Ref. V79363.

In the past I had a couple of versions of Aerospace. Every single one of them had a love/hate ratio. The first one, Ref. F56062, was too small, low water resistance, no light on LCD and not a thermocompensated quartz movement. And I must not forget the odd gold riders on the bezel – but I loved it because it was something new, unseen and a pioneer of a new kind. It was very, very light and it had the only by-the-crown operating feature and minute repeater. It was the first time I saw an ana-digi watch from a reputable manufacturer. The second one was the Breitling Aerospace Ref. E79362 – it was a little bigger, had light feature and a thermocompensated movement. Now I really think that this line of “Professional Watches” reached its maturity with the Aerospace Evo Night Mission Ref. V79363.

Of course the Night Mission is very lightweight (only 60 gr.) and it has all the features I like from previous versions: minute repeater, LCD light, outstanding Saphire crystal with anti reflective coating on both sides, 43mm in diameter and thermocompensated movement with second time zone, chronograph, timer, day/date, perpetual calendar and alarm. The alarm is loud enough but not like on Omega X33.

The movement also has a chronometer certification and it has a stated variation of 15 seconds/year. However, in my case it was 2 or 3 seconds/year. I love the matte black finish of the case made with DLC (diamond like coating) which is a plus in terms of not being so shiny like other Breitlings. And I also like the brown textile strap with a nice clasp, all of these adding a utilitarian look and feel. Is this watch for military use? I don’t think so, because at a flick of the wrist the minute repeater starts beeping and will probably show your hiding spot to your enemies who don’t know what time it is. It is more for the imagination of military wannabe civilians. Personally, I wear this watch on my boat trips along Danube Delta and on mountain bike adventures.

In conclusion, it is the quintessence of Breitling’s motto – “Instruments for Professionals”.

Cheers and stay with us for more watch reviews and nice pictures.

For those of you which are not familiar with thermocompensation of quartz movement, here is a useful link.

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