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Seiko 62MAS – Ref: 6217-800X

Seiko 62MAS detail

In a previous article of mine I was mentioning that for any respectable vintage Seiko diver nut, the letters “62MAS” represent the quintessential piece in Seiko divers’ history. My mission in collecting vintage Seiko divers could not have been completed until I would have added in my collection a 6217-800X. Now I can say that […]

Seiko Tuna – the Marinemaster Professional SBBN007

There are two categories of Seiko watch idiot savants: one considers that only a monocoque case (600m or 1000m) can be called a Tuna, the other considers that also a two piece shrouded case, the 300m Marinemaster Proffessional SBBN007, can be called a Tuna. I am in the latter category, even though I recently added […]

Seiko Diver’s – 20 years period evolution

If someone had shown me these four watches 7 years ago, I would have said: these Seiko Diver’s all look alike! However, their 20 years period evolution proved that I was wrong. 5 years ago, I would have said: that is bunch of SKX watches with some small differences between them. 3 years ago, I […]

The Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver’s 200m – SBGA 029

I like cars – not the flashy exotic supercars but the sleeper type, the seemingly normal car that out of the blue proves everyone that it is the fastest and shows that underneath an inconspicuous exterior lies an incredible technical marvel, just like the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver’s 200m – SBGA 029. The ultimate […]

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