Watch Straps designed by watch enthusiasts for watch enthusiasts

Our watch straps brand, 7Friends&Watches, was created from our passion for watches. We think that every watch enthusiast would like to wear his or her timepiece on a beautiful, high quality watch strap, just like us. Therefore, our straps are designed by people who love watches, and we use the best available materials in our manufacturing process.

Our office and atelier are based in Romania and every process is made locally, with materials sourced mainly from Europe.

Being a small company, we value our customers, and we try to provide the best experience for every one of you.

Besides our products, you will also find watch reviews on our website. They are written by our editors based on their personal experience with those watches.

We are not affiliated with and we do not advertise any watch brand. Through our blog, we just want to share some knowledge and personal experience to people like us. Please note that the pictures from our articles are not taken by professional photographers, but by our editors, using not – professional equipment. But this is the fun of it – real life watches!

We are happy that you are here with us! Enjoy!